Marriage: A Union Between Whom?

March 04, 2014  •  1 Comment

            Why? Where did this vision come from? Well…it all started with me debating on whether or not I should have my mother’s dress, completely reconstructed and wearing it at my own wedding. After thinking long and hard I decided that I could not ruin something so beautiful and memorable.  Then I decided why not have my mother take photos of me in her dress to add to the memories and to symbolize a legacy. This idea lingered and there just wasn’t something complete about my vision. I started to think long and hard about weddings and marriage. First of all what is marriage? My definition would be a union not only between two people but also a union between two families, along with friends. Marriage aluminates what love and happiness is all about and how traditions are formed, loved ones are brought together, and memories are made.

            As all of these thoughts soured through my head, I was thinking…since when was I such a deep person!?!? (LOL) I couldn’t help but to keep adding to my vision and making something so simple turn into a piece of art.

            After reflecting on marriage, I began to think about how with my own experience, weddings also bring friends closer together. Maybe you haven’t seen one of your best friends since junior year in high school, like me…but that moment when you call them and ask them to be apart of your wedding day, the connection has been reformed. Now new memories between loved ones are forming. This led me to add a second bride to my photos. I needed the connection of friendship within the photos but not only that; I also needed a second bride in her mother in laws wedding dress. Why you may ask? Well, wearing my mother’s dress I knew would bring back memories from her marriage and her generation, which evolved into what our family is today. By wearing my mother’s wedding dress I was representing the past, present, and future of my family. Now for the mother in laws dress; which Philicia’s AMAZING mother-in-law proudly let her wear, symbolizes a new beginning and families coming together as one.

            Now that I am half way through my vision at this point, I start researching brides in photos together, to get ideas on posing and maybe find something that helps my vision become complete. Needless to say, every photo that popped up were women marrying one another. Clearly that was not a part of my vision but it made me think about how times have changed. Is change ok? I think so. And I feel as though that in today’s society people lose focus of the true meaning of marriage. Marriage is formed between two loved ones who create a union and bond between themselves and their families. Being able to take a moment to reflect on this I was able to remind myself of how toxic and amazing love is no matter who you are.

            At this point I knew I wanted something in the heart of wear I’m from…Lafayette, LA! This is my home, and I could not imagine these photos taken elsewhere. In addition, I knew I wanted something vintage, with historical value. I started to think and Vermillionville came to mind. Of course I had never been there but I had heard amazing things about it. It is a small village that is rich in Acadian history and preserves the cultural resources from the time period 1765 to 1890. It was perfect for what I had envisioned, vintage, rustic, historic.

            Now that I have the location, I started thinking about accecories. I didn’t want anything that would take away from the wedding dresses but I knew I was missing something. The next thought that popped into my head was how a bride is like a princess. This is her day to shine and why not wear a crown!?! Of course I needed something more vintage/boho so I went with flower crowns, which I hand made myself. I researched colors and decided on purple and green. The reason I chose purple was to represent ambition, devotion, and peace. In my eyes these are all key elements of marriage and keeping a family strong. Then there is the color green, which for me represented growth, freshness, and ambition, which again is crucial in marriage.

            My vision has finally been completed (in my head of course.) Now all we had to do was make my vision come to life. Philicia and I did our own hair and make-up, and my amazing mother Jamie Wagnon took the photos of us. The photos without me in them were taken by me. In addition, I also edited each photo to keep my vision instilled in the images.


Going into your marriage are you certain of the outcome? Do you know where this marriage and growth will end up? I feel as though everyone has ambitions and goals in their lives but in the beginning, it may not be clear, and things may be a little hazy. 

Marriages bring friends and families together to create a union of love and happiness.

Can we do it alone?

No. I don't think we can. Marriage is not only a union between two loved ones, it is also a union between families and friends.



Stay Strong & True to Yourself <3 <3 <3

xoxo Angelina







Carrie Wright(non-registered)
Love, love love it! What a creative idea! You both look so beautiful.
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