My Little Chicken Nugget - McDonalds Style

January 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

My Little Chicken Nugget - McDonalds Style

I'm Vegan & my child is a Chicken Nugget Lover. He could literally eat chicken nuggets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Possibly a snack too haha. Even though he hates vegetables and 95% of other foods out there, I sure do love hanging out with him. As I had posted before about my expectations for 2018 and one of those being in the moment, well this is it. Yes, I have a camera in my hand and Ryder likes to act silly because of it, but we have fun. Even if that's as simple as watching him eat. Having a camera in my hand will distract me from being on my phone or not engaging with my own kid. Yes, I can do those things without taking photos but hey, it's my job to want photos of everything haha. 

Here's to a new year and silly posts about McDonalds :)

Stay Strong & True to Yourself <3

xoxo Angelina




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