Broken Femur to Therapy

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Broken Femur to Therapy


Happy Sunday Everyone!

Wait...I can't believe it's only Sunday! After spending 4 days in the hospital and two days at home (mostly indoors) we are becoming stir crazy. I'm sure many of you already know from my Facebook and Instagram posts but Ryder broke his femur this past Monday. He had never been wake boarding before and had been begging us to go! We originally had planned on taking him to wakeboarding camp at BSR in Texas but with his broken wrist in June, we had to re-evaluate our trip. Unfortunately, Monday was his first time to ever wakeboard and he did AMAZING. We didn't think much about the barrel in the water, not knowing it was clearly a huge danger for Ryder. Everyone keeps asking why it's there and we have no idea! Neither Michael or I wakeboard and Ryder wasn't really expected to be doing laps on his first day. Regardless, accidents happen and luckily I was close enough to where he was (he wanted me to video him & yes, I have the crash on video) to drop my camera, jump in the water and help him. Once I flipped him over and took his boots off, I knew it was broken by the swelling. When I told Michael what I thought, he said there was no way because Ryder was barely screaming and he didn't have a single tear. Thankfully, even with not knowing for sure, we decided to put a backboard in the water and carried him to the truck. From there we slid him in the vehicle and drove straight to women & children's hospital, here in Lafayette. Once we arrived, they helped get him out of the car and of course X-Ray's were performed, resulting in a broken femur. I immediately began crying after seeing the X-Ray but knew that things could be much worse. Thanks to everyone's prayers, Ryder's surgery was a success and now here we are!

The past two days I've pulled him around the neighborhood in the wagon and today was the first day we've left the house (it's only been two days but feels like a year) to get some exercise in before going to walgreen's. As you can see in the photos below, Ryder loves his tech deck on the wagon rides and he also felt like he needed to model while I snapped some photos at the park! 

DISCLAIMER: Ryder is not Vegan if you're wondering about the redox photo haha







Stay Strong & True to Yourself <3

xoxo Angelina


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