10 Pounds Up + 14 Pounds Down

October 12, 2017  •  2 Comments

10 Pounds Up + 14 Pounds Down

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Today I wanted to talk to you about how I ended up 10 pounds heavier in a years time, to 14 pounds down in 6 months. This isn't your average story of weight loss/gain, today it gets real. I spent an extremely long time putting myself through a living hell when it came to my size. I spent many years being criticized for being heavier in high school, just to be criticized for being too skinny once in college. My weight in high school was around 140 Lb., college/after having Ryder around 118Lb., 6 months ago 134Lb. & now I'm a happy 120 Lb. What changed?


The Weight Gain:

I went from 124 pounds to 134 pounds within a year because I needed to detox from bad habits. My eating disorder wasn't considered extreme but it also wasn't healthy and it would come and go. I hated myself no matter what my size was, I would cut out meals, workout for hours at a time to burn off what I had eaten throughout the day. It was an endless cycle that had never been resolved because I never saw it as an issue. If you think about it, more people around you probably have a similar eating disorder. It's one thing to workout and want to look your best, it's another thing to look in the mirror and never be satisfied with what you see. Kind of like plastic surgery but I surely couldn't afford that haha. You can take something so harmless as wanting to look your best, and turn it into a self destructive path. 

Have you ever heard the saying, "You must love yourself before you can love anyone else?" Hello world, that was me. I was so consumed with what I looked like in my own head, that it didn't matter what anyone told me. How could it? If I was 140 Lb. I was fat, if I was 120 Lb. I was too skinny. This was a huge issue within inside myself that I had to overcome alone. With that being said, once I decided to stop killing myself and weighing myself 5x a day, I gained a whopping 10 pounds but I didn't even see it happening. I had stopped weighing myself, I knew my clothes were getting more snug (I thought it was the squats) and I stopped killing myself in the gym. Before I knew it, I was 134 pounds and crying...How pathetic? BUT I didn't resort back to my old ways and that was key. What did I do...


The Weight Loss:

BE HAPPY. If you're happy and loving life, your body will follow. I eat what I want (within reason) and I weigh myself maybe twice a week to stay on track. I rarely workout and of course I'd love to fix things about myself but I can honestly say, I love who I am. This isn't some crazy diet, it's me letting go and letting life take over. My family and I go for walks every evening, I keep track of my steps on my phone, we ride bikes, walk the dog, and mainly just stay active and healthy. Change up your daily routing and have fun with it. 


I hope this didn't ruin your day by not revealing some crazy weight loss secret but it's the truth. STOP killing yourself to love yourself. Just have self love and the rest will follow <3

Stay Strong & True to Yourself




Angelina Wagnon Photography
i'm so happy to hear that this resinates with you! I hope you continue to see how beautiful you really are <3
Katie Williams(non-registered)
Angelina, I definitely needed to read this! I have struggled with my weight and appearance so much after having a baby! Thanks for sharing your story:)
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