Sicily Island Hills-The largest fall in Louisiana

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Sicily Island Hills-The largest fall in Louisiana

We literally stumbled upon this beauty and I am so happy we did. My mom and I had originally planned on heading more west to a different state park, when I began reading in a travel guide about Sicily Island Hills. The original plan was to find The Big Creek Hiking Trail, which is seven miles long but somehow could never find it. I googled and researched, but unfortunately, we never found it. According to the map and a few different sites, this trail, along with St. Mary’s Fall Trail, have multiple smaller waterfalls. If you decide to head out to Sicily Island Hills and find those two trails, PLEASE let me know where they were haha. The map states that it’s on the North entrance, which we searched for, but we only stumbled upon a lake...


Now to talk about The Nature Rock Fall Trail, where we found this gorgeous waterfall. Little did we know, it’s the largest fall in Louisiana. This particular fall is extremely close to the beginning of the trail, but you will experience steep terrain. The hiking trail is about one to one a half miles, but the actual fall is maybe .25 from the starting point.


Along with the gorgeous waterfall and beautiful hiking trails; we also discovered a bayou that runs through Sicily Island, which could make a great day for fishing as well!


Keep in mind that you should pack bug spray and a change of clothes, if you choose to play in the fall :P




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