New Braunfels Summer Vacation

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New Braunfels Summer Vacation

I’m a little late on this post, but with so many people asking when I post photos from this trip, I’m finally making it a point to share! If you’re like me, the beach can get boring and being from Louisiana, we don’t have nice beaches or many pretty places to visit with clear blue water. A short 6 hour drive from Lafayette, LA, you can land in New Braunfels, TX. With that being said, we discovered the places below by chance. A few years back I had camped near Canyon Lake, and LOVED it. My mom decided to plan a trip to New Braunfels to visit Canyon Lake and do some kayaking. Once we had arrived, we knew there must have been more places to explore and that’s when the searching began!


First Stop: Rio Guadalupe Resort

The Rio Guadalupe Resort is more of a campground than a resort haha, but they do have cabins you can rent! One of the best parts about staying here is they do offer tube/kayak rentals with transportation. If you were to stay elsewhere, this is a great place to go for tubing! The scenery is beautiful along the river and not far from Canyon Lake at all. The first few days we chose to kayak along the Guadalupe and really loved it! You stumble upon rapids and of course, beautiful scenery.


Second Stop: Blue Hole 

This amazing spot is located in Wimberley, TX, which is about 40 minutes from New Braunfels and definitely worth the drive. Once arriving, you will check in and walk to the watering hole, which is not far from the check in point. There is a grass area (pack chairs or beach towels to sit on) that was one of our mistakes having never been there. The water is blue and beautiful with rope swings to drop in on, but be sure to pack some water shoes unless you have tough feet :P We decided to do a little exploring, outside of where the general population was and you can see those photos below.


Third Stop: **My Favorite** Jacobs Well

Another spot that we stumbled upon but let me warn you…MAKE A RESERVATION in advance. We decided to risk it and just show up, which luckily, we were able to get in but depending on how many people are there, you may not get so lucky. They even allowed us to purchase an extra hour for the next group of people, but I’m not sure if that will always work haha.

Jacobs Well is also located in Wimberley, right outside of New Braunfels. This spot will need water shoes as well and you will be doing a small amount of hiking. Once you check in, they have you park and then walk to your destination. There’s not a whole lot of elevation but be prepared to walk a little. If you’re adventurous then prepare to JUMP. Many people will walk to the edge of the rock and take forever to go for it, which is fine but people will get aggravated. You either go for it, or sit back and enjoy watching others jump into the ice cold well! Yes, I said ICE cold, it takes your breath away, literally. Unfortunately, I’m not the best “jumper” and kept getting too close to the edge of the rocks inside of the well, so I opted for two jumps and then swam around.


Fourth Stop: McKinney Falls

I’m not sure if it was meant to be, but another magical place we stumbled upon was McKinney Falls. McKinney Falls is located right outside of Austin, TX, and less than an hour from New Braunfels. We did manage to get lost when looking for the first set of falls and did some exploring in the BLAZING heat, but non the less, we eventually found the falls. Unfortunately when we went, there wasn’t much water flow so the falls were smaller, but non-the less, beautiful. There were two different spots we swam at, and if you wish to bring floats, they are welcomed! Be prepared to stay all afternoon, and pack a lunch <3


(Not much hiking required, unless you get lost like us)

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I hope this blog post has been helpful to those looking for a new vacation spot other than the beach or just in general!


Stay Strong & True to Yourself <3

xoxo Angelina


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