Kids Night At Home

April 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Kids Night At Home

What better way to spend your night than a kids night at home that doesn't cost a fortune!?! My friend Christi and I planned a kids night for her little girl & Ryder plus a little something for us as well :) We started off the night with dinner, everyone except Ryder ate sushi (My Favorite is Tsubaki in Lafayette) while he ate chicken...always haha. Once we wrapped up dinner the kids played outside a while and then we came inside to clean up. Our first game was Candy Cane Darts --- All you need is 6 cups, a straw and a few cue tips. The kids stood behind the line we tapped and had to try and knock down as many cups as they could. It's extremely easy for them to play and it can be played multiple times! The kids absolutely LOVED it. The second game was Army Madness---Party Streamers and tap will do the trick for this one! You tape the streamers to the wall creating an obstacle course and the goal is for the kids to not break the streamers. The third game was Pop the Bubble (aka the balloon) whoever could pop the most balloons in a minute was the winner! Then we topped our night off with popcorn and movies <3 This was truly like taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese and spending $60 where as we spent little to nothing because we already had most of these things at home! 

I hope this helps those of you that may be on a budget or just looking for fun things to do at home with the kids :)

Stay Strong & True to Yourself <3

xoxo Angelina


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