Motivate Me Monday

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Motivate Me Monday


We all know how Monday’s can be and what better way to stay on task for the week, than to get a game plan in store. This is something new that I’m going to try every Monday and it’s going to vary week by week. I love being able to get tips from others about how to help get my life on track, because 95% of the time, I’m in gym clothes with a can of dry shampoo in my hair (Kidding….Kind of) haha. Let’s face it; whether you’re a mom, dad, babysitter, or just a human with a lot on their plate, we need some structure! Below you will find 3 different, “Motivate Me Monday,” tactics.


1) List your workouts for the week


If you’re the kind of person who shows up to the gym without a plan, you’re wasting about 40% of your time there. I’m guilty of this exact thing and that’s why I had to make a change. Whether you can list workout classes for the week in your planner or make a variation of 4 workouts for the week and change it up, you will see results!


   2) Water, Water, & More Water


I’m 100% guilty of not drinking enough water from time to time but I can’t stress it enough. As many of you know, water plays a roll in your appetite, skin, how you feel, etc. It’s a huge part of our life and actually really simple to monitor. I personally carry a 40 oz HydroFlask around and know that I have to drink 4 full bottles to get my daily consumption in.


3) Breath


Yes, I said it. Just breath. I always have people tell me how I live the life traveling and doing exciting things but what people don’t see, is me working 50+ hours a week, dealing with fraudulent charges on my credit card, paying 30 different bills, raising a toddler, and dealing with every other little thing that is thrown my way. We’re all in the same boat here. We all have bills and grown up things to handle, which means, we need to take 60 seconds every hour to two hours to breath. While you’re pausing to do this, remind yourself that it’s going to be ok. It doesn’t matter if your three year old just threw up all over your new blouse or your boss is on your case about something you didn’t do. Stressing yourself out more, will only cause your day to go downhill and possibly those around you. SO…Smile & Breath.

Iphone Photo from my 10K run in Colorado

Stay Strong & True to Yourself <3

Xoxo Angelina


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