Not Just a Business Card

September 19, 2013  •  1 Comment



I just wanted to share with everyone a little something I whipped up today and I love how they turned out! It may look like an ordinary business card but it is not. What I love about these is that they represent who I am, and who I am becoming. With the help of a friend/photographer, we created a logo and the branding of Angelina Wagnon Photography has begun. The purpose of these business cards is to make the lives of my clients easier. When doing special events such as a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, etc. I am able to hand these out to guests so they are able to access the photos taken at the event. Every event/photo shoot, I create a photo gallery for my client, their friends, and family, to view at no extra cost to my client. This relieves stress off of my client because of course everyone wants to see the photos or get a copy of them. It also allows the clients guests to choose from all sorts of options when ordering a photo through a high quality photo lab. Even if the guests do not order a photo, they are still able to see them for fun!


Stay Strong & True to Yourself


           XOXO Angelina <3


Philicia Wright(non-registered)
I am so happy to see you are doing something you love! So excited to see where you take your inspiration and talent!
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